Secure Enterprise Sharing

CapLinked secure enterprise sharing means
less time at the office.

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Revoke access to documents even after they've been downloaded

Learn how FileProtect works

Secure Sharing

Share all major file types with enterprise grade security and 24/7 expert support.

Work Faster

Accelerate your workflow with integrated and flexible enterprise-tested solutions.

No Plugins

CapLinked requires no external plug-ins and works with all major desktop and mobile systems.

Digital Rights Management

Keep control of access to your files even after they are downloaded.

Thousands of enterprises trust CapLinked

CapLinked makes secure enterprise workflow better and faster

Transparent pricing

No more billing surprises. Always know what you're paying.

Complete control of your files

FileProtect DRM allows you to revoke access to files even after they are downloaded.

Secure bulk uploads and downloads

Save time getting files in and out of the cloud without compromising security.

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Upgrade Your Enterprise Sharing Experience

Speed up your workflow

CapLinked is better, safer, and faster than other secure workflow products.

No plugins needed

CapLinked requires no plugins, even for digital rights management.

Custom integrations for any enterprise

Our API works with your existing systems to create a seamless experience.

How CapLinked Works

CapLinked is the best cloud platform built for integrated, secure workflow management, and document collaboration

See how CapLinked keeps your information safe.

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